Sleeving Craft Beverage Cans from Coast to Coast

CanSource coverage map

Craft beverages are as unique as the people who create them. Available in endless styles and varieties, these delicious drinks are infused with hometown flavors. Canned wine from California often contains Black Mission figs, grapes, and strawberries – while sipping on a pale ale from Pennsylvania may evoke notes of citrus fruit and intense pine.

As the leading shrink sleeve provider for aluminum cans in the U.S., CanSource honors craft makers from coast to coast with four nationwide locations led by best-in-class Plant Managers and sleeving teams.

We’ve Got You Covered

Regardless of where you brew your batch, we’re in your backyard! We’ve got you (and your cans) covered everywhere in the US…even in Hawaii.

When you partner with CanSource to sleeve your craft beer, wine, RTD, sparkling water, cold brew, kombucha, (or any other crafty creation) you can count on quality service from a team of experts who care. With four facilities strategically located across the U.S. – that all work together – unexpected machinery, pandemic, or capacity issues are handled without a hitch so our customers have the least impact.

Secret Sauce

We know you’re meticulous about what goes into your cans, which is why our Plant Managers are equally as diligent about what’s on the outside.

Our secret sauce is made up of can sleeving experts who make it their mission to ensure your cans look great every day! While the team spends most of their time working to meet production deadlines and make your cans shine, they find time to enjoy the end result! Check out a few of their favorites:

Ready to Serve You

CanSource started in 2011 as a homegrown mobile cannery for breweries, so we understand every aspect of creating craft beverages. Now, with nearly a decade of experience providing custom printed labels and can sleeves, we’re ready to serve you. With locations in CA, CO, NC and PA, CanSource is the leading provider of shrink sleeved aluminum cans in the U.S.