Ready to order online labels and packaging for your craft beverages? Find everything you need to know about artwork setup, proofing, lead time, and more here!

Order Submittal

An order is considered initiated when the order form provided by your CanSource sales representative is filled out completely and submitted to your sales representative with completed artwork. We will wait to submit artwork for proofing until the order form is submitted.

Artwork Content

Our customer is responsible for ensuring its shrink sleeve artwork content meets all appropriate federal or local laws. This includes ensuring the product canned is covered by said artwork content.

Artwork Setup

Our customer is responsible for ensuring that the artwork file is set up on the appropriate CanSource issued template and to the specifications detailed in the CanSource Artwork Guidelines. We built a simple to use artwork template just for you. Please use this as well as our Artwork Guildelines and dedicated team of artwork specialists. Let’s make this can stand out together!

CanSource Logo

Quality is a top priority. Therefore, we do require the CanSource logo be added to all artwork files. Please follow the logo instructions in the Artwork Requirements and on our templates when placing the logo on your artwork file. CanSource will place the logo on the customer’s behalf if you forget.


CanSource will provide you a digital proof of label artwork so you can have final say. In the end, you’re responsible for the final artwork, but we’ll never move forward without your ok. We’ll also provide you physical can proofs within 3 weeks if you want to see your cans before you buy.

Lead Time

Please allow for four to five weeks from final artwork approval for delivery of 12oz and 16oz cans. Lead time for specialty sized cans are subject to change based on availability. If you need 9-1-1 expedited shipping, call your sales representative!

Sleeve Order Quantity

Shrink sleeve orders are subject to a 10% over/under run.