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CanGPT & Stellar Lupulus IPA

Beer and ChatGPT are not often spoken in the same breath today, but that may changing quickly. How will drink packaging be influenced by recommendation engines? Will sleeved cans be designed with the help of AI? Will beverage cans be filled using a flavor algorithm? We found one startup, AI Palette, that built a new product concept generator called ‘Concept Genie’ to help beverage companies accelerate their development process for new products using insights from across the marketplace.

By trawling through images and online data in 16 languages from retail e-commerce platforms, menus, recipes, social media posts and search engines from 24 countries, Ai Palette’s Foresight Engine helps packaged food companies from Nestlé to Danone identify unmet consumer needs and emerging trends.

We put ChatGPT to the test. (A very unthorough and totally inconclusive test run by beverage can experts and AI amateurs’.) We asked it to come up with three IPA names for our brewery that are unique and will stand out on the shelf! If you’re interested in brewing a Stellar Lupulus IPA, email us at and we’ll make sure your drink packaging looks as good as that beer sounds.

At CanSource, we’ll use every tool available to help our customers succeed in the marketplace and help their beverage cans standout at the shelf. Our bet is that will include AI aps in the not too distant future.

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