CanGPT & Stellar Lupulus IPA


Beer and ChatGPT are not often spoken in the same breath today, but that may changing quickly. How will drink packaging be influenced by recommendation engines? Will sleeved cans be designed with the help of AI? Will beverage cans be filled using a flavor algorithm? We found one startup, AI Palette, that built a new… Continue reading CanGPT & Stellar Lupulus IPA

The Showdown is Here

Have a bet on the next big trend in the craft beverage world? One of the best events to see into the future is BevNET’s New Beverage Showdown, a competition hosted each year among emerging (and delicious!) beverage brands. Some of the past winners have signaled rising tides behind kombucha, coffee and CBD well before… Continue reading The Showdown is Here

RTDs in a Grocery Store Near You?

Searching for canned ranch water for your next boat or beach trip this summer? There may be good news in your future. More and more states are considering legislation to allow ready-to-drink (RTD) beverages to be sold at beer and wine retailers. These changes would greatly expand the accessibility of spirits-based RTDs, a growing segment… Continue reading RTDs in a Grocery Store Near You?

Really, what are your minimums?

The CanSource team talked to hundreds of craft breweries at the Craft Brewer’s Conference in Nashville this week and the most common question at our booth was – what are your beverage can minimums? For the last decade, we have provided just-enough aluminum cans to beverage producers across the U.S. just-in-time. For new customers, here… Continue reading Really, what are your minimums?

Why Cans Are Better Than Bottles for Craft Beverages

Since the dawn of drinking, people have debated if bottles or cans are better. Whether touting taste and temperature or arguing aroma and aesthetic, the ongoing container controversy has left a trail of broken bottles and crushed cans in its wake. In this article, we intend to end the dispute once and for all using… Continue reading Why Cans Are Better Than Bottles for Craft Beverages

Sleeving Craft Beverage Cans from Coast to Coast

Craft beverages are as unique as the people who create them. Available in endless styles and varieties, these delicious drinks are infused with hometown flavors. Canned wine from California often contains Black Mission figs, grapes, and strawberries – while sipping on a pale ale from Pennsylvania may evoke notes of citrus fruit and intense pine.… Continue reading Sleeving Craft Beverage Cans from Coast to Coast