3 Ways Cans are Crushing the Top Beverage Trend

There’s not much a craft beverage can’t do. Filled with flavorful, exotic — often medicinal — ingredients, artisanal brews do everything from revving you up for the game to chilling you out on the beach. As such, fans of these popular drinks set high standards for what’s on the inside, and the outside, of their favorite, magical mixes. Fortunately, cans are the perfect partner for craft beverages of every kind. These days, people are demanding quality refreshments, packed with healthy ingredients (and/or alcohol,) that make them feel good. But that’s not all, consumers also have strict packaging requirements, as well. Luckily, these little aluminum dynamos are up to the task! Check out 3 ways cans are crushing the top beverage trends

Carry-on Convenience

Whether you’re sitting by the pool, hiking up a trail, rockin’ at a show, or reading on the balcony – you want your best beverage by your side. And nowadays, drinks aren’t just about quenching your thirst. Certain libations are engrained in our lifestyle and our culture, often carried as a sign of status or beliefs. 

As premiumization rises in beverage trends, more people are toting cold brew coffees and cold-pressed juices to offices and gyms. Meal replacements accompany busy professionals on sales calls and working lunches. And what outdoor celebration would be complete without beer, wine, and spirits? We may (thankfully) never know as canned RTDs are all the rage at events ranging from backyard bar-be-ques to wilderness infused weddings. When it comes to convenience, cans provide lightweight, portable, unbreakable vessels of, fits in your hand – drinks on demand! 

Perfect Packaging

Making an impact with your brand comes down to packaging, as it’s often a consumer’s initial introduction to your beverage. Colorful, eye-catching, digital graphics announce to the world what awaits them inside. Luckily, shrink sleeve cans are an easy and affordable way to stand out in a sea of rival sodas, seltzers, and spirits. 

[Pull Quote] And for vino lovers, canned wine couldn’t come quick enough! According to Nielsen, canned wine sales grew nearly 80% through 2019. 

But packaging is more than just a visual call sign. Aluminum cans stave off light, oxygen, and heat, keeping the beverage inside crisp, fresh, and flavorful. An absolute must in the world of skunk-free craft beer. But while consumers are demanding beverages hit the mark with convenience, portability, and function – the trend they care most about following is something far bigger than themselves. 

Recycling Rules

For many people, enjoying a product is about more than what it can do for them right now. Conscientious consumers understand the importance of preserving our planet through the use of sustainable materials. Since beverages come in a variety of packages, let’s take a look at how each is broken down:

  • Aluminum – 100% recyclable – more than 75% of the world’s aluminum is still in use today.
  • Glass – 100% recyclable (minus the caps and lids) – yet less than 33% of glass is recycled in the U.S.
  • Plastic – not all plastic is recyclable. Plastic can only be recycled once. 79% of the world’s plastic winds up in landfills or littered throughout the environment. 

For those concerned about lessening their carbon footprint, cans are the go-to craft beverage container.


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